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Locking Forms

Once all forms have been completed and are ready for authorisation they should be ‘locked’, this results in a unique ‘submission code’ being added to the foot of the application page. This provides an audit trail for the form and users should be aware that changes to a ‘locked form’ may require a new set of authorisation signatures.  The submission code on the submitted form and the signature pages must match for an application to be valid. To ‘lock’ forms:

  1. Complete the ‘full set of project data’
  2. Select the required form from the left panel on the ‘Navigate’ page
  3. Thoroughly review the form to ensure that all questions are completed accurately and you are happy with all of the information supplied
  4. Select the ‘submission’ tab in the main window
  5. Save the resulting PDF

All of the forms generated as part of an application need to be ‘locked’ individually.