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IV Cannulation/Venepuncture

 Venepuncture and Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Cannulation Course

For Registered Staff - Due to the sharp increase in demand for this skill, Corporate Practice Development Department have changed the way that Venepuncture/IV Cannulation will be delivered to Registered staff across NHSGGC (except Paediatrics).  The theoretical information is now on LearnPro as 8 chapters.  All chapters must be completed and assessments passed.  The line manager should then complete a nomination form in usual manner and email it to [email protected] to book a 2 hour fece-to-face session from the scheduled dates below.  The nomination form has been changed to reflect this.  During the face-to-face session, the learner will practice the use of a tourniquet and Venepuncture/Cannulation on dummy arms.

The LearnPro module can be found in LearnPro, CPD, entitled GGC: IV3000 Venepuncture & IV Cannulation. Please note that a certificate of passing all 8 LearnPro assessments  for the IV3000 Venepuncture & IV Cannulation  must be shown to the facilitator at the practical session or the learner will not be allowed to progress and will need to rebook by contacting Practice Development on [email protected]

They will still be given a comptency booklet for each skill and guidance on how to complete these.  A maximum 3-month period of supervised practice is stlll required for individuals to achieve competence and to complete the competency booklet.  Individuals are not deemed competent until they have received their completion certificate from Practice Development.  Once competence is achieved it is the responsibility of the individual to review and maintain their competence,

For Unregistered Staff - remains the 4 hour face-to-face classroom session via usual nomination process.  A self-directed learning package will be sent 1 month prior to attendance

Please note delegates can only be nominated for one course at a time.  Also all competency for intital course must be completed prior to being nominated for second course.