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Competancy Based Preceptor Programme


The Cynthia B. Edmond Competency-Based Preceptor Programme (C-BPP) is an interactive tool for use by preceptors and preceptees during orientation to a new work environment.
The C-BPP is innovative in that it uses a Critical Pathway model to articulate the components and address the work management role of the staff nurse or midwife together with Competency-Based Orientation Learning Contracts to address context specific practical clinical skills.
It provides a realistic and supportive programme for the preceptor and preceptee to work with, suggests a time frame and recommended degree of preceptor guidance and support but can be as flexible as the context demands.
The C-BPP is currently in use in selected areas in the North Glasgow Trust, and will be in use throughout the North Glasgow Trust by 2004.

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