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Universal Feedback: Friends and Family Test

Universal Feedback: Friends and Family Test -  Why Universal Feedback?

The Patients Rights Act (2011) states that every patient has the right to give feedback (both positive and negative), provide comments or raise concerns or complaints about the healthcare they receive from our services.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a responsibility to ensure that every patient is afforded this opportunity and that all feedback is recorded and used to improve patient experience. In order to meet part of this responsibility NHSGGC has piloted a method of feedback called 'Universal Feedback', which ensures that every inpatient across NHSGGC is asked the same question about their experience at the point of discharge. One example of this is the Friends and Family Test, however there is the opportunity to change this question periodically to focus on a particular issue, e.g. caring behaviours/ food, fluid and nutrition or another relevant aspect of the care experience.

What does this involve? 

A postcard sized card will be given out to every patient on the day of their discharge asking: How likely are you to recommend our ward to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

Patients will be able to choose between 5 options – Extremely Likely; Likely; Neither Likely or Unlikely; Unlikely; and Extremely Unlikely. A follow-up question will then ask for the main reason for the answer given, with a comment box for free text. 

Each ward will be given a supply of cards which have a unique identifier on them and a collection box for completed cards. A stock of cards will be available on each site for when the supply on the wards is running low.

At the end of each month, this box will be emptied by a member of staff on each ward and returned to a central point (Patient Engagement and Public Involvement Team) to be electronically scanned, using the unique identifier to track the feedback to its particular ward. This will then generate a ‘score’ for each ward, which will be the percentage of patients likely to recommend the ward. 

The overall scores coupled with a copy of all of the comments will be made available on the 'Facing the Future Together' pages on Staffnet within two weeks, with a reminder email and link straight to this page sent to the Senior Charge Nurse on each ward. The roll out of IT-led feedback resources (e.g. kiosks, tablets and bedside entertainment) may have an impact on the process as described above. For this reason, it has been agreed to review Universal Feedback in two years time.

What do we expect from you? 

Identification of the Senior Charge Nurse (SCN) and a Deputy for each ward who will be the link between the ward and the Patient Engagement and Public Involvement Team and be responsible for Universal Feedback on their ward. 

The SCN should promote Universal Feedback on their ward and ensure that all staff are aware of the initiative and are providing every patient with a card at the point of their discharge. It is important to strive for a good overall response rate. 

The SCN or Deputy will be responsible for returning the cards on the last day of every month.

The SCN will display their score publicly on their ward and will use the comments to promote areas of good practice or to affect positive change on their ward. 

Once you have implemented the Universal Feedback, you no longer need to do the Senior Charge Nurse 'Better Together' questionnaires.  

****Reflection on Patient Feedback can also be used as part of the NMC Revalidation process to inform the reflective account and discussion component.

What help is available?

The Patient Experience and Public Involvement Team will provide all of the materials required, for example, cards, collection boxes, posters, information leaflets and score display templates. The team will also be available to provide support at all stages of the implementation of Universal Feedback on your wards, as well as providing continuous support throughout it’s use.

And finally…

We have had lots of feedback from staff who have been involved in piloting the Universal Feedback initiative. All of these comments have been taken on board, prompting changes and informing how we move forward with its implementation.

Below are some of the positive comments made by Senior Charge Nurses who took part in the pilot:

     “Easy, concise way of getting patient feed-back”

     “I felt that the card was easy for the Patients to understand and complete…”

     “It is widely felt around our Unit that this has been the most useful and simple patient feedback               test that we have ever used…”

     “Positive feedback to staff, especially many of the comments, has been a real morale boost and          has put an extra large smile on their faces! We are now talking daily about the welcome we                provide and the atmosphere we create.”