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Available Datasets

Below is a list of the datasets available for linking; please use this page of the website when filling in your application. All of our datasets are currently for residents within the boundaries of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde only.

We operate a system whereby we class datasets by ‘Tiers’:

  • Tier 1 datasets are those which are generically/nationally collected datasets used in everyday health care (such as SCI Store and SMR). These are available to all approved projects where needed.

  • Tier 2 datasets are generated locally/regionally by services which start data collections to help advance their services and benefit their patients. We will endeavour to include the data representative/controller in any application approvals which request access to this data. We do this;
  1. Firstly as recognition to the service of the work which generates the dataset;
  2. Secondly because applications may conflict or may want to collaborate with research projects planned or ongoing by the service which generated the data and;
  3. Thirdly in recognition of the local knowledge of the data collected and its appropriateness to the project applications.

  • Tier 3 datasets are generated by research projects conducted within the NHSGGC Safe Haven and are currently not available for request.

Tier 1 Datasets:

Dataset ID   Description

7                 SCI Store (Laboratory tests)

9                 Prescribing (cashed at local pharmacies)                              

12               SMR00 (Outpatients - general)

13               SMR01 (Inpatients - general)

14               SMR02 (Inpatients - maternity)

15               SMR04 (Inpatients - mental health)

17               NRS General Registers Office (Births & Deaths)

35               SCI Diabetes (Diabetes Registry)

64               SBR (Scottish Birth Record)

68               SMR11 (Archived Neonatal Records)  

72               SMR06 (Cancer Registry)

Tier 2 Datasets:

Dataset ID   Description

1                 PsyCIS (Psychosis Clinical Information System)

2                 Weight Management Service (WM service records)

3                 Athena (Heart Failure service records)

4                 Rheumatology (Rheumatology service records)

5                 Parkinson's Disease (Specific Neurodegenerative conditions service records)

10               Clozapine Cohort (Local specific cohort dataset)

11               GP Local Enhanced Services (data for eight specific long term conditions)

16               Stratified Medicine (Onco-pathology research dataset)

18               EDIS (Emergency Department Information System - North Glasgow only)

20               Lung Cancer Dataset (Local specific cohort dataset)

21               MINAP Data (Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project - NHSGGC only)

22               Cordia Visits (Glasgow City Council home carer visits)

24               TrakCare A&E - Alcohol & Substance Abuse (local specific cohort dataset)

25               SERPR (Renal service records)

26               Spirometry (Spirometry studies for GGC patients)

27               Pain Management Database (Pain Management service records)

28               Bariatric Surgery (additional Weight Management service data)

45               SHARE Cohort (used for screening purposes - click link for more info)

49               GISMO (Orthopaedics service records)

50               CFPP (Community Falls service records)

52               Substance Abuse Infants (Infants born to substance abusing mothers in PRMH)

54               Cordia Pendant Alarms (Glasgow City Council-issued pendant alarms dataset)

55               TrakCare Appointments & Clinics (General clinic records)

56               Cancer Screening Dataset for Bowel, Breast & Cervical Cancers

58               Homecare Patient Registration (additional prescribing data)

62               PNBS (Pregnancy booking & newborn screening data)

65               Barrett's Oesophagus Registry (NHSGGC wide)

66               CORE-net (Anxiety & Depression Questionnaires data)

67               Health and Wellbeing Survey 2014/2015 (In-home survey on perception of health)

70               OPERA (Elective & emergency operations)

73               Renal Cancer TMA (Laboratory-collected clear cell renal cancer tissue array dataset)

74               Chemocare (Chemotherapy prescribing records)

97               ARIA (Radiotherapy treatment records) 

98               Ascribe (Cancer trial prescribing/dispensing records)

101             Defecating Proctograms (Acute cohort 2009-2016)

104             CRISP (First Episode Psychosis cohort of patients)