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Obstetrics: Late bookers (24+/40)

Communicable Diseases Screening Tests

The process for women arriving at 24+/40 (and NOT in labour):

Late bookers are women who present for the first time on or after 24 weeks pregnancy. This is the stage at which the baby is potentially viable if early labour occurred.

The results of the communicable disease screening tests could affect the management at or after delivery, therefore all test results for a woman should be known prior to delivery and certainly within two hours of arriving in labour.

Women who present at ≥ 24 weeks should have urgent testing arranged.

• Seek informed consent for screening

• Take 9ml EDTA blood, confirm correct identification with patient

• Ensure tests are managed through PNBS at first available clinic

• It is essential that you phone the laboratory (38722 / 0141 201 8722) when the sample is taken or if this is after 5pm, phone on the next day. Explain that the sample is being sent to the laboratory and that an URGENT FORM is required in the laboratory. It is important to discuss the travel arrangements and to arrange when and to whom the results will be communicated.

• If the timing of the local transport systems is unsuitable it will be necessary to use alternative transport e.g. follow the NHS GGC Amended Protocol Ordering and Use of Taxis and Couriers (October 2011.)

• In normal hours the lab is able to process and produce results within 1-2 hours of receipt. Note that reactive samples may need to be confirmed on the next day.

• Maternity services must provide the laboratory with adequate contact details to include the name and preferably two contact numbers of the main results recipient and a deputy.

• Note that provided a CHI number is supplied, the results will also be available on the Clinical Portal.