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Staff Survey 2016

Following the HIV +ve campaign another Staff Survey was under taken in 2016 to compare results against the Staff Survey 2013.

The results and evaluation of the camapign have been pulled togther into a report.


  • 4000 responses to the baseline survey
  • 9,325 unique website hits
  • 300+ staff engaged at road shows
  • 15 delegates attending training
  • 1,521 responses to the repeat survey
  • excellent partnership working between NHSGGC staff and members of the patient forum

 The intended outcomes were:

Phase 1.  +ve people Raise awareness among non-specialist staff that HIV stigma is an issue (Staff will Think); In 2013, one in four (26%) were aware that discrimination of people due to their HIV status sometimes or always occurs within NHSGGC, but this rose to one in three (33%) in 2016.

Phase 2. +ve health Enable staff to reflect on their own practice and recognise behaviours or attitudes that contribute to stigma and discrimination (Staff will reflect)

Survey responses show a significant decrease in negative attitudes towards patients living with HIV and a reduction in the proportion who felt they could tell by looking at someone whether they had HIV. Comments made about the campaign message and training indicated that the campaign had been effective: numerous staff members reported receiving new information, challenging their misconceptions and changing the way they thought about or dealt with people living with HIV

Phase 3. +ve learning   Educate staff through training, to prevent stigma and discrimination (Staff will have training)

Numbers up taking face to face training was low. However the training was very well received and feedback showed that staff found the training sessions informative and provoked reflection about working practices. Online training was engaged with by higher numbers.

 Main points from Evaluation Report

  • Knowledge of fluids HIV found in increased from 59% to 62% for all 4 fluids. Breast milk 3% increase. Acute services best HIV bodily fluid knowledge. 96% knew PLWHIV live long & healthy lives.
  • Awareness of discrimination of PLWHIV within NHSGGC increased from 1 in 3 to
    1 in 4. Staff working with patient more aware of discrimination.
  • Significant decrease in staff who had negative opinions of HIV+ women to have children. 3& decrease in view that irresponsible behaviour was responsible for HIV diagnosis. Decrease in opinion people come to HIV for free HIV medication. Decrease in staff how said they could tell if someone had HIV by looking at them.
  • 47% of NHS GGC staff aware of campaign. Over 9000 website page views.
    Over 3000 Youtube film views. 65 staff members attended face to face training. 


  • Some improvement in the knowledge about the way HIV is transmitted;
  • A decrease in negative attitudes towards people with HIV;
  • An increase in awareness that stigma/discrimination is an issue for patients using NHSGGC services.

 Full report NHS GGC HIV Anti Stigma Camapign 2017