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Diabetes Patient Education

Education on how to manage diabetes is an essential part of diabetes for all patients.  In NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde we provide a range of courses to give our patients and their carers the knowledge and skills they need to self manage their condition effectively and safely.

Type 1 Diabetes

For Type 1 diabetes we offer the structured education course - DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) - at various Diabetes Centres across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

The DAFNE programme for adults with Type 1 Diabetes covers insulin adjustment for food, exercise, illness, eating out and alcohol, and explains diabetes complications and treatment. This programme is delivered at over 130 localities across the UK and in many other countries.

Scientific evidence shows that DAFNE training improves blood sugar control and reduces complications such as hypoglycaemia.

A DAFNE course lasts for 5 days, usually Monday to Friday, but sometimes courses can be delivered 1 day per week over 5 weeks.

If you would like to read more about the DAFNE programme you can do so on the website at

Type 2 Diabetes

Education for people who are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is available throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in the form of Diabetes Conversation Maps sessions. These are interactive facilitated group sessions for patients who have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. There are 4 sessions in total looking at issues around living with diabetes, diet and lifestyle, management of diabetes and insulin. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

If you wish to attend Conversation Map sessions please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse who will be able to refer you.