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News and Updates


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Template Updates October 2016


New section for Amiodarone.


Addition of code for St John’s Wort.

Change to the wording in HFLNS Care Section.

Addition of dual chamber pacemaker to listed device options.

Health Determinants

Updated Goal Setting tool.

Learning Disabilities Template

Updates to background documentation at Bowel screening, Adults with Incapacity and Dental check sections.

Drugs Misuse

New section for HIV.

Nursing Homes

Removal of Geriatric Health Exam code from annual review field.

House of Care

Addition of a combined patient result letter for Diabetes and CHD.

Updates to current Diabetic and CHD patient result letters.

Addition of 44JP serum total cholesterol code to all 3 letters.

Business Rule changes

There are no business rules for the 2016/17 LES


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