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Patient Information

Heart Failure condition specific patient information resources

British Heart Foundation publications

An everyday guide to living with Heart Failure

Information covering all areas of heart failure

Click to link resource an everyday guide to living with heart failure

Living with Heart Failure

Gives advice for patients living with heart failure

Click to link resource living with heart failure

Returning to work with a heart condition

Offers advice on returning to work for patients with a heart condition

Click to link resource returning to work

Generic patient information resources

NHS GGC publications

Alcohol advice

Less is better: Less alcohol is better for you and your lifestyle

This leaflet provides easy hints and tips to help reduce your alcohol intake. It also provides sources of help and support.

Click to link less is better: less alcohol is better for you and your lifestyle

Carers information

Are you looking after someone?

Need support looking after someone?

Poster and card which provides information regarding the carer's service.

Click to link Are you looking after someone?

Click to link Need support looking after someone?

Emotional and Mental Health

Wellbeing services south Glasgow: a better you, for a brighter tomorrow. Series of booklets:

Anger/Anxiety Health Anxiety/Low Mood/Panic Attacks/Self-esteem/Stress/Trouble sleeping.

Click to link feeling stressed

The whole life booklet

This booklet gives ideas and tips ob how to start working on different areas of your life. It provides information on eating well, being active and staying on top of things.

Click to link whole life booklet

Health Rights

Your Health, Your Rights: Feedback and complaints

This booklet outlines how to have your say about your care and how to give feedback and make complaints.

Click to link your health, your rights:feedback and complaints

Health Rights

Your Health, Your Rights: The Patients Charter

This booklet defines what is in the patients charter, how you can find out more and how to get information about health rights and services.

Click to link your health, your rights: the patients charter

Language Identification Card

This card provides the translation of 'I speak' followed by the language such as Hindi, Punjabi amongst many other languages.

Click to link language identification card

Money advice

Help for you

This card signposts to many and dept advice services.

Click to link help for you

Patient and Carer Forum

Bookmark, leaflet and poster

This information outlines who the patient and carer forum is and how you can get involved in developing health services.

Click to link patient care forum

Persistent Pain

A guide to self management

This booklet provides information on understanding pain, flare ups, reaching your goals amongst other useful information.

Click to link a guide to self management


Want to stop smoking

Leaflet by Smokefree Services around how they support people while they give up smoking.

Click to link want to stop smoking

NHS Health Scotland publications


Making a change

This booklet provides positive steps to help you consider your drinking habits.

Click to link making a change

Mental Health

Steps for stress

A simple guide to stressing less and enjoying life more, available as booklet, CD and card.

Click to link steps for stress


Your guide to the eat well plate

Highlighting the eat well plate, this leaflet aims to help show you how much of what you eat should come from each food group.

Click to link eat well

Physical Activity

Get active your way every day

This resource is aimed at young people, adults, older adults, and those who look after or care for people in their early years or later life.

Click to link get active

NHS inform publication

Its ok to ask leaflet

Leaflet with helpful advice around what to do before, during and after your health care appointment.

Click to link Its ok to ask leaflet

NHS Scotland publication

Teach-back technique card

This postcard outlines what the teach back technique is and how it can be used as a simple way to check patients's understanding.

Click to link teach-back technique card

Sleep Hygiene

Information for patients

Sleep hygiene is a term used to describe good sleep habits. This leaflet provides suggestions on sleep pattern, sleep habits. This leaflet provides suggestions on sleep pattern, sleep environment and establishing routines to aid relaxation before going to bed.

Click to link sleep hygiene